About Arts and Crafts Hammersmith

Celebrating and sharing the legacy of William Morris and Emery Walker

Arts and Crafts Hammersmith is the exciting partnership project between The William Morris Society and the Emery Walker Trust.  Through it, we aim to bring the lives, influences and work of these two remarkable men to a wider audience.

The project involves essential repairs and renovations to Walker’s house at 7 Hammersmith Terrace and improvements to allow much greater public access to this amazing interior and its collections.  It also involves improvements to storage and important archives and their access at Kelmscott House; and a whole range of participatory and volunteering initiatives and activities. The spirit of these two men and their work and passions given pride of place – at the heart of their homes in Hammersmith.

We are delighted to have secured over £930,000 in funding for this ambitious project, including funds from Heritage Lottery Fund, Garfield Weston Foundation, Charles Hayward Foundation, Viridor Environmental Credits Company and many others. Fundraising for the final £70,000 to complete the final capital elements and for the many learning and participatory strands in 2016 and 2017 continues.

What stage are we at?

7 Hammersmith Terrace closed to the public in summer of 2015. As the shutters went down, the project team rolled up their sleeves and began the enormous task of packing, photographing, categorising and shipping the entire collection into temporary storage.

Over 4,000 individual collection items, plus over 55 boxes of paper archives, are now safely stowed in a specialist facility in South London, which will act a temporary base for further archiving, digitising and collections care work during 2016.

Building works will commence on the house by Easter 2016.  The aim of the refurbishment and renovation is to allow much greater quality access to the interiors and collections. Underpinning this is a need not to alter the unique character of the house and the visitor experience, but to preserve it for future generations. And in an increasingly digital society, we aim to make the entire collection and archive available online, as well as augmenting visits with interactive apps and information.

You will be able to experience the house again in its refreshed and improved state in 2017.

For full information on our exciting plans, and how you can stay involved and watch progress, please visit:

Arts and Crafts Hammersmith

You can read the official press release about the HLF funded project here: Lottery Funding Success for Arts and Crafts Partnership.

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