First Floor

The Drawing Room

This room is situated directly above the dining room and, with its pale blue Morris wallpaper, is as bright as the dining room below is atmospherically dim.

Here the treasures include the bookcases and cabinet from Philip Webb’s architectural office; tall Morris and Co. display cases from the 1870s; Whitefriars glass that also belonged to Webb; Morris and De Morgan pots and tiles; an Ernest Barnsley Cotswolds desk; and Louise and Alfred Powell hand-painted ceramics.

The Back Drawing Room

This small room adjoining the drawing room presents a great contrast to the rest of the house as it is very much a ‘work in progress’. It was used as an extension to the drawing room until 1960, at which point it was turned into a bathroom by Dorothy Walker but still retained the original Morris wallpaper and curtains.

In 2006, the bathroom was removed to enable us to furnish the room as it had been in Sir Emery’s time. Photographs and inventories can tell us exactly what had been there in his lifetime and, with few exceptions, the rugs, furniture and pictures were still in the house. We have not sought to cover up the ‘scars’ where the bathroom fittings and cork ceiling tiles were removed, as it all forms part of the history of the house.