Become a Volunteer

The Emery Walker House will re-open on 20th April and we are actively seeking new volunteers to help us extend our opening hours!

If our house and project have inspired you and you are keen to volunteer then please contact Jessica Loukaides via letting us know:

  • Why you are interested in volunteering at the Emery Walker House;
  • and of any previous relevant experience you may have.

The Emery Walker House is run by an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly group of volunteers.  It would be fair to say the house simply wouldn’t function without our wonderful team. They keep the house clean, catalogued, maintain the garden, welcome visitors, undertake tours of the house – their passion and dedication is second to none and gratefully received!

More information on our Arts & Crafts Hammersmith project can be found here.

Information on William Morris and the William Morris Society and Museum can be found here.